Las Vegas Latin Nights

Las Vegas Latin Nights

Las Vegas Latin Nights at La Hacienda Nightclub! If you’re looking for the right spot at the right time. Therefore, our Mexican Nightclub Las Vegas has everything to offer! Most importantly, inviting popular bands to play live music. That is to say, bringing the best Latin music to enjoy the entire night. This is the night club that is always open. Opening nightly with a different Latin theme daily. As a result, did we mention this is the nightclub that is always open till dawn!

Las Vegas Latin Nights

Las Vegas is known and popular for having the best night clubs in the world. Consequently, many tourists are always searching for whatever taste they have in music. Latin Clubs in Vegas is definitely something they search for! Spanish Nightclubs are becoming more common in town. However, finding the right one can be tricky. Pay attention to the pictures of the club on their websites.

Look at the their past events. Most importantly, read the comments. At our club, not only we offer authentic Mexican food cuisine. But, the best Reggaeton, Norteño and banda music as well. That is to say, with the best DJ’s of course.

Who remembers the old Latin Nights at Diegos inside MGM Grand? Blue Martini at Townsquare? Many others have popped in and out. However, La Hacienda Nightclub is here to stay! Come and visit us tonight. Book your bottle service with time. First come serve. Visit our social media platforms for our latest and upcoming events.

Daily Latin Night at our club

  • Monday’s to be Announced
  • Tuesday’s is Lady’s Night
  • Wednesday’s Micheladas
  • Thursday’s Karaoke Night
  • Friday’s Birthday Celebrations
  • Saturday’s Live Music
  • Sunday’s Latino Mix + Banda

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