Mexican Bar Las Vegas

Mexican Bar Las Vegas

The perfect Mexican Bar Las Vegas can offer! La Hacienda Nightclub; consequently has become one of the most popular Latin Nightclubs in Vegas. The perfect bar to meet and mingle where you won’t be judge. A bar for every flavor, every occasion and every night! As a result, open every night 7 days a week. Most importantly, live vibrance with wonderful guests from town and out of town. Therefore, no matter where you’re from your are always welcome to our bar!

Mexican selection of Food and Beverage Bar

Offering wide selection of Mexican food and Mexican drinks in our Menu. Many imported beers such as Corona, Modelo, Tecate, Estrella, Pacifico, Bohemia, Victoria, Dos XX and Negra Modelo. Our Mexican Bar makes every cocktail or specialty drink you can think of. Special bottle service; likewise, variety of wines. Not to mention the food options! We are known for our Mariscos or Mexican Seafood. Click on our Menu to see our amazing dozens of Camarones specialty plates. Similarly, to our Ceviche, Parilladas, Salmon and Combinations of Seafood. Above all, the authenticity and seasoning is worth tryout.

Mexican Music and Dance

Enjoy our live Mexican music on selected dates on our Mexican Bar. Moreover, with our popular Bandas and live Grupos Norteños on the weekends. Bands such as El Pelon y su puro Nivel”, “Los Hermanos Padilla” y “Viik Perez”. Have you heard about our bailes norteños en Las Vegas? In other words, our Mexican Dance. La Hacienda Nightclub hosts amazing dance floors every night. With a different flavor every day for everyone.

Visit Mexican Bar Las Vegas

Thank you for visiting our Mexican Bar in Las Vegas. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Visit our Facebook page to find out about are upcoming events and promotions. Will see you at our Mexican Club Soon!