mexican night clubs in las vegas

Mexican Night Clubs in Las Vegas

When it comes down to Mexican Night Clubs in Las Vegas; in short, La Hacienda Nightclub is the place to party. If you’re looking to have a blast in Vegas. In other words, you come from California and need a night to party Vegas Style. What better way than to enjoy a Latin Nightclub just 5 minutes from Downtown.

Mexican Night Clubs in Las Vegas

If there is something that everyone loves from Mexico. Is the Mexican food! Therefore, our Night Club serves an entire authentic full Mexican Menu. Simply visit our Food Menu to see a glimpse of our delicious dishes. Our Nightclub has a different music theme every day adding a different ambience and flavor. La Hacienda Night Club is the place to be. One of the trendy Latino Nightclubs in Las Vegas that are most popular right now. You’re probably stressed out with this unfortunate Pandemic times. Want a little getaway. Spend your birthday party here with us with our special bottle service. Certainly on Friday’s Birthday Celebrations theme night. Ask us about our special pricing for small group parties.

The side of Mexico Flavor

Have not seen our Mexican Bar? Out of many Mexican Clubs in Las Vegas. Subsequently, La Hacienda Nightclub stands out from the crowd from other bars. Providing Karaoke en Español, Bailes Mexicanos, to Bailes Norteños! Above all, our DJ’s make the difference. With local popular DJ’s playing every night. Every night you are guaranteed to have a great dance night. No matter if you’re local or tourist. Enjoy our live Music, our live Bands and our friendly environment. Miss your home town of Mexico? No more! In short, Mexico is just around the corner at our popular La Hacienda. Don’t forget to visit our Schedule, our Gallery and Contact page. Also, follow us on Facebook and like our page for weekly Promotions and Updates.